Walking on Landgoed Koningshof (Red)

Circular walk through the forest on the inner dune edge

Landgoed Koningshof is a wide and natural dune estate. There is open dune and dense forest. On this walk you can enjoy the songbirds. There is a gradual transition to the stately park forest that the former owner has built around his country house.

Difficulty: Light walk

Length: 2.5 kilometers

Duration: 0.45 minutes

Marking: Follow red arrows.

Starting point: Duinlustweg Overveen

Access: By bike or carFree access

Free access

We follow the red arrows. We go through a fence and soon walk along a narrow path along a slope. We walk along the Waterberg, where the water supply of the Estate used to be arranged. We now walk over some wider paths to the Pijpekopje, the northern part of the estate. We are now going back to the parking lot over a slope forest.

This walk is easy to combine with the blue or green route.

Roderick Burger