Walk through Wethouder van Gelukpark

Along two lakes and along dunes with beautiful views

The Wethouder van Gelukpark is a small but beautiful park. The surrounding dunes north of the lake create a lukewarm microclimate.

Difficulty: Easy walk

Length: 1.8 kilometers

Duration: 30 minutes

Starting point: Parking lot at restaurant ‘De Bokkedoorns’

Public transport: Bus 81 from Zandvoort or Station Haarlem. Get off at De Bokkedoorns

Catering: Restaurant De Bokkedoorns (2 star restaurant)

Free access


From the parking lot we take the walking path in a southerly direction. We pass a statue in honor of the unknown Dutchman, who first fought the dusty dune sand by planting it with a helmet. We also arrive at a small beach and continue our way. At the end of this path you first go right and then left into the forest. Then we turn left and walk past a piece of Atlantic Wall from the Second World War. The Atlantic wall was intended to protect the Third Reich from a possible invasion of the Allies. We continue our way and walk past a coral, where the wisents can be caught. Soon we reach the second lake. Now the path splits and you go right up, where you can enjoy the view. We continue our way on the dunes until we reach a viewpoint with a fence. We descend the stairs and then turn right. We now quickly reach the parking lot.


On 19 March 1947 the province gives permission to the municipality of Bloemendaal to dig a dune lake. The idea came from the wethouder (alderman) Dries van Geluk. There was little protest from society about the changed natural environment. That topic was not high on the political agenda at the time. The villagers were able to swim and skate in and on the lake and the sand raised a lot of money for housing. In the beginning of 1958, a second lake was built next to the existing lake and they decided to establish a teahouse. This grew into the current two-star restaurant De Bokkedoorns. The name refers to the dune plant boksdoorn.