Walk through the Caprera Estate

Walk through Caprera estate

Estate Caprera lies on the edge of the inner dune on the “Kopje van Bloemendaal”. This is the highest dune summit in Zuid-Kennemerland. The walking park has different types of forest, a swampy section and beautiful views. On the estate there is an open-air theater where summer performances are given.

Difficulty: Easy walk

Length: 3 kilometers

Duration: 0.45 hours

Marking: none

Starting point: Hoge Duin and Daalseweg 2 in Bloemendaal. (At the cup of Bloemendaal
from May to September. and weekends from 11 am to 4 pm).

Access: by car or bicycle

Admission: 1 euro

Catering: none

At the entrance we immediately go right past the house. You follow it straight ahead and you always keep to the right. We now walk past the sports fields. You go right along the path and you pass through the marshy part and a lake. Then we pass a playing field. Then we go up the stairs and take the second path on the left. We come to another staircase and go up. We turn left and arrive at an asphalt path at some point. We now turn right and at the end of this path there are two viewpoints. We keep to the right as much as possible and then we automatically reach the open-air theater. To the right of this we can make a short detour and then walk back to the entrance.

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About Caprera
Due to the special location of the forest park on the slopes of the inner dune edge Caprera has a remarkable and very varied flora and fauna. There are 181 plant species found.

In the highest part of the park one sees mainly pine forest. Here one comes across strubs with cardinal’s cap, sea buckthorn and dog rose. In the lower part of the park you can see the oak fern, male fern, bunt grass, smooth walstroo, creeping herbaceous, pimpernel, duinsalomonszegel, snake and the pipe flower elsewhere. In addition, cultivated plants have been planted in the past, such as Taxus, Mahogany, Hydrangea, Juniper and Boxwood. There are many bats because there are many shelters and water available. The nightingale is also brooding there.