The Old Streets of Zandvoort

The Old Streets of Zandvoort

To experience the atmosphere of the old fishing village, this walk takes you through the old streets of Zandvoort. We enter the center via the famous Kippentrap. In the old center there are nice old fishermen’s houses and even in high season you can stroll around here in peace. We go back on the boulevard. We can now contemplate the busy beach life.


Difficulty: light walk

Lengthe: 2.1 kilometer

Duration: 0.30 to 1 hour

Marking: Red arrows

Starting point: Station Zandvoort

Horeca: On the way


From the station we follow the red arrows. We cross the Zeestraat and first enter the center via the Kippentrap. We enter nice old streets to suddenly arrive at the Louis Davidscarr√©, a modern square in the middle of the village. Then we follow the red arrows via the Willemstraat to the Gasthuishofje, a national monument. It was originally intended for old Zandvoorts whose house had been demolished during the war. Then we walk through the Kerkstraat to the boulevard. At the statue ‘De Zonnebaadster’ we turn right towards the station.


The Gasthuishofje was originally intended for old Zandvoorts whose house was demolished during the war. It is now a national monument. You can take a look through the gate and see how time stood still here.


Chickens and pigs used to be slaughtered here. Currently, the 26 stairs are best known for the inhabitants who had to rush up to catch the train. The walls next to the stairs are now painted by artists from Zandvoort. A poem by the Zandvoort writer and poet Marco Termes has been applied to the steps.

De Zonnebaadster

De Zonnebaadster (The Sun Bather) is a striking sculpture by sculptor Jan van Luyn. It dates from 1966 and is made of bronze. It is five meters high.