Landgoed Leyduin, Woestduin en Vinkenduin (red)

Landgoed Leyduin, Woestduin en Vinkenduin

The walk goes through a beautiful estate with traces of an old horse race track. You will pass a white stone watchtower in neo-Gothic style. There was a finch track on the Vinkenduin estate. The track can still be recognized by high earthen walls that surround a field with lime trees. Finches used to be caught in nets here.






Difficulty: light walk

Length: 4.6 kilometers

Duration: 1 hour

Marking: red arrows

Starting point: Manpadslaan car park in Vogelenzang (Use as navigation address Woestduinweg 4 in Vogelenzang).

Accessibility: From Zandvoort Connexion Bus 80 to Heemstede/Aerdenhout. Transfer to Connexion city bus line 14 to Woestduinweg. Catering: Gasterij Leyduin, 2e Leijweg 7A, 2114 BG Vogelenzang

Access: Free

Parking: Free



From the parking lot we follow the red arrows. We walk past Huis Leyduin. On the other side we see a stork nest, where storks often breed. We are now passing Gasterij Leyduin. We continue our journey and cross a lake on stones. Then we see the remains of a launch site of V1 bombs, which were fired at London. We continue to follow the red arrows. We are now passing through the Vinkenduin estate. At Woestduin the landscape becomes more open. Via the red arrows we return to the parking lot. In the bulb season we can enjoy the view over the bulb fields

House Leyduin

The first country estate you pass is the stately Huize Leyduin, dating from 1921. Less old than you might think at first glance. This is the third country house on (not exactly) this spot, there were once two other country houses.

The Belvedere

This neo-Gothic style white stone watchtower from about 1760 stands on a hill above the stream. The tower is a ‘folly’, a structure that was put there purely for decoration. The Belvedere was restored in 2013.

Vinkenbaan and Renbaan Woestduin

Finches used to be caught with nets in the autumn on the finches track. The crispy fried birds were a delicacy, but were banned in 1912. A large lawn reminds us of the race track Woestduin. Horse races used to be held here, complete with grandstand, betting office and hotel.