Walk through woods and dunes to the beach and the sea (Blue)

Walk through woods and dunes to the beach and the sea and back


In the past there were estates of wealthy business people from Amsterdam. There you can still find remnants of it, such as an ice cellar and romantic tree avenues. Again and again we are surprised by beautiful views. The vegetation of forest is slowly changing into a dune landscape. The inner dune changes to middle dunes and outdoor dunes. The Zeereep is still in its original state here.

Difficulty: Medium-heavy walk

Length: 11 kilometers

Duration: 2.5 hours

Marking: First follow blue arrows to the sea. Back via the directions.

Starting point: Parking Duin- and Kruidbergerweg next to Landgoed Duin and Kruidberg. (Entrance opposite Hoeve Eigenwijs, Duin- and Kruidbergerweg between house number 72 and 74 turn right into the narrow road.

Access: By train to station Santpoort-Noord. There you walk through the tunnel under the railway to the other platform (arrival from the direction Uitgeest). You walk across the platform and take the footpath to the right. Then turn left to the Kennemergaardweg and then the second road left to the parking lot.

Free access

Catering: The adjacent Landgoed Duin and Kruidberg or Hoeve Eigenwijs, Duin- en Kruidbergerweg 89

From the parking lot we follow the blue arrows next to the bike path. We follow the Brederodepad and then the Jachtweg. Then we walk a bit over the cycle path to finally take a hiking trail to the sea. From the sea we turn left on a gravel road and walk through the Hubertusvallei. We keep on keeping left and arrive at a birdwatching hut. We continue our way and still keeping left until we reach the bike path. There we go right and arrive at a water tap. We turn left here and then automatically return to the parking lot.

Along the way we walk through various forests, such as a beech forest, a coniferous forest, a thicket (a thicket is a vegetation of bushes from 1 to 5 meters high). We see lichen steppe and finally, after the helmet, an empty beach with a tuft of weeds. We see different birds such as the gull and the woodpecker and at the birdwatching hut several water birds. Sometimes we can meet the natterjack toad and see the parnassia bloom.

All seasons are particularly beautiful birds here. The dune lake, where you pass, has been excavated to extract sand and now contains rainwater. Throughout the year you will see water birds, including the herring gull, grebe, gadwall, tufted duck and many others.

Shelduck, Doddaar and Slotted Grebe
In the spring you will find the shed and the Doddaar. Sometimes the Bearded Grebe also chooses this area to nest.

Karrekiet & Nachtingale
In the summer comes the Karrekiet, which besides her own young also breeds the eggs of the Cuckoo. The Koekkoek will therefore also hear well in the summer, next to the song of the Nightingale.