Bosbeekroute blauw

Bosbeekroute blauw


At the Bosbeek route (blue) near Heemstede, we first walk through the Groenendaal hiking forest. It is a busy walking forest, but soon we come to a wide water: the Van Merlevaart and walk from there along the ring canal. Back we pass the Bosbeek and Meerzicht country estates, which unfortunately cannot be visited.




Difficulty: light walk

Length: 2.5 kilometers

Duration: 1/2 hour

Marking: blue arrows

Starting point: Parking lot hiking forest Groenendaal

Accessibility: by car or bicycle

Catering: Restaurant Landgoed Groenendaal, kiosk playground Groenendaal

Access: Free


We follow the blue arrows from the starting point at the large parking lot in the Groenendaals hiking forest. We walk along the former Doodweg to the Van Merlevaart. The road was named that way because it used to lead to the cemetery and to the church on Wilhelminaplein. We pass the ring canal, which runs around the Haarlemmermeerpolder. Back we pass the Bosbeek and Meerzicht estates and walk through the walking forest to the parking lot.

Groenendaal walking forest

The walking forest was bought by the municipality of Heemstede in 1913. There were several country estates. Groenendaal was opened up as a publicly accessible walking forest. It was a visionary decision at the time, which contributed significantly to the quality of Heemstede and its character as a green municipality.

Bosbeek country estate

The Bosbeek estate used to be the main building of Groenendaal. It changed hands continuously from the 17th century. After the house was used and looted by the German occupiers in World War II, a psychiatric institution was established there between 1949 and 1951. From 1951 it is a care center and cannot be visited. 


The Meerzicht house is a remnant of the 17th-century Meer en Berg house, which was demolished in 1910. The old house was demolished in 1910, except for a part that remained as an independent house and was later renamed ‘Meerzicht’.