Around the Vogelmeer (Kennemerduinen)

Open dune walk between the Scottish Highlanders on the bride of Haarlem

The Kennemer dunes are the heart of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. The dune valleys bloom again with special plants, after the water extraction from this area has stopped. Here you can enjoy open dunes, forests, hills and valleys. The dune lakes have special birds, including the black-necked grebe. In addition to the traces of the Second World War, there are even remains of an early medieval village excavated. Enjoy several hikes in this area, including the walk around the Vogelmeer can not be missed.

Difficulty: Easy walk(Sometimes muddy at the Haarlem bride, but you can also walk around)

Length: 5 kilometers

Marking: Follow green posts. Note: at the Vogelmeer you can deviate from the route and walk along the lake.

Starting point: Entrance at the head of the Zeeweg in Bloemendaal aan Zee. From Zandvoort near Bloemendaal by the sea after the parking lot turn left and through the dunes to Paviljoen Parnassia. From Bloemendaal follow the sea road until Bloemendaal aan Zee and then turn right before the parking lot. Then follow the road to the parking lot for 1.5 km.

Catering: Pavilion Parnassia at the parking lot

Access: Free, paid parking. (Only pay with debit card possible)


To the south of the parking lot at the information panel, the green poles indicate the start of the walk. First we follow the bike path a bit. On the left lies playground Hazenwei. We are now about a spring master. We can meet Scottish Highlanders, Koniks horses and Shetland ponies here. The animals are not dangerous if you keep a distance. Do not pet or feed! Soon we turn left and we go through a low-lying dune which can be underwater during much rainy weather. If that is the case, we walk a bit further along the bike path and later turn right at the blue poles. We walk along a narrow path and now have a view of a drifting dune, which is called the Bride of Haarlem. Right up is a beautiful viewpoint ‘de Hazenberg’ with an information panel. We now walk to the Vogelmeer. Here are many birds to view. There is an observation hut along the waterfront. We can now continue to follow the green poles, but more fun is a trip along the bird lake. We walk over dunes that give a beautiful view of the lake and its fauna. After we have walked around the lake, we go back a little way on the bike path and soon we find the green poles again and continue our journey. We cross the bike path for a moment and soon walk over dunes with a nice view towards the sea. We arrive at the bike path and turn left towards Parnassia and are back in the parking lot.


The bride of Haarlem

This area in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park has been named a Geological Monument. This spot in the dunes is a good example of how the dunes develop. The bride of Haarlem is named after the willow-herb, a plant that used to be common in the dunes. The seed plants of the willow-herb are reminiscent of a wedding veil. In 2003 all vegetation was removed here, so that the wind got hold of the dunes again. Depending on the weather, this area will move about 5 meters per year.


De Hazenberg

The Hazenberg offers a beautiful panorama, where you can orient yourself well. The mountain owes its name to the time when hunting was still being carried out here. There were more hares here than rabbits. In the northwest towards the zeereep are some deep valleys and dune-holes. In the northeast the sand are drifting the hardest. To the south of the Hazenberg is the Spartelmeer, where you can find the black-necked grebe. In the southwest you can see Zandvoort in beautiful clear weather.


Walking in Zandvoort

Enjoy walking from the open dunes and beautiful vistas. You see the landscape change. The further from the sea, the more forests you see coming up. About half of the Dutch Flora is in this area, namely around 1500 species. And there are about 70 bird species.

Foto Wilgenroosje (Teun Spaans, 2004)