A Walk through the Van Limburg Stirum Valley

A Walk through the Van Limburg Stirum Valley

The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen is one of the largest dune areas in the Netherlands. Many walkers come. But now we come to the quiet southern part. We arrive in an area where the dunes also walk. The landscape is constantly changing due to the wind. As a result, there is a large, wide and impressive landscape.



Difficulty: medium hike

Length: 6.5 kilometers

Duration: 1.5 hours

Marking: none

Starting point: Entrance near the Vogelaardreef. Coming from Ruigenhoek, park just after the first left turn.

Accessibility: By bicycle or car to the entrance on Vogelaardreef. Or by train to Hillegom, then take a bus to the Ruigenhoek bus stop. Then walk down Vogelaardreef to the entrance.

Catering: none

Parking: Free


At the gate on the Vogelaardreef we first walk through a small nature reserve, the Langeveld. We go straight ahead, cross the cycle path and go through the fence of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. We first follow the blue posts, but at the first T-junction we turn left. Then turn right and right again. We are now walking through the Van Limburg Stirum Valley. At the end of the path we turn right and walk to the mountain of Starrenbroek. Here we have a nice view. We turn left and now walk through a wooded area. At the first exit we turn left and get back to the gate. We cross the bike path and go back to the parking lot.

The sand dunes

Due to the wind you will only be able to find fresh traces of deer and foxes. Due to the varied landscape, about 70 different birds breed here every year. Some of these are the Stonechat and White-throated Whine, reed birds such as the Bluethroat and Reed Warbler. Also in winter many birds stay or are on their way or hibernate and come from the far north. The Kramsvogel and Redwings occur in these southern dunes.