A walk along the circuit

A walk along the circuit

The walk along the circuit is a varied route. Next to the famous circuit of Zandvoort we pass the boulevard, with the busy beach life. An elevated shell path provides a view of the village, the bungalow park and the sports fields. Then we go through the green and take the Visscherspad back to the station.


Difficulty: medium hike

Length: 7 kilometers

Duration: 2 hours

Marking: orange arrows

Starting point: Zandvoort station

Catering: in Zandvoort


From the station we follow the orange arrows to the boulevard. We turn right and walk along the sea. At the NH hotel we turn right and walk past the entrance of the circuit. We continue along a shell path and there we can enjoy the view. Then we go along the edge of the village to the Visscherspad and walk back to the station from there.


The Zandvoort circuit has fast, rolling and challenging corners formed by the natural dunes. It has recently been adapted so that it is suitable for Formula 1 races. The length is only 4.3 kilometers and is therefore one of the shorter circuits of the Formula 1 calendar. In addition to Formula 1, other events are also held, such as cycling, walking and running events and of course the Historic Grand Prix.