Walking routes in Zandvoort

The most beautiful coast and dune walks


You can make lovely walks in the surroundings of Zandvoort. The landscape around Zandvoort is very diverse. You can walk for hours on the (quiet) beach. But also dune and forest walks are possible. Zandvoort is surrounded by many protected nature reserves, where it’s lovely to hike and cycle.


Walking in and on the Dunes of Zandvoort
Zandvoort is surrounded by two large nature parks: the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen (AWD) and National Park Zuid Kennemerland. Both nature reserves have special flora and fauna. There are numerous hiking trails. In the AWD you may leave this trails and can you discover the dunes on your own. There are also numerous nature parks and country estates in the area whose are ideal for walking.


Visitor Centers in Zandvoort
There are visitor centers in the Amsterdamse Waterleiding Duinen and the Zuid Kennemerland National Park, you can visit them. Here you will find all information about nature and history in the Dunes.


Visitors Center Kennemerduinen
The main entrance of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is located along the zeeweg. Here you will also find the visitor center with a Dune Café, where you can eat a sandwich and drink coffee or tea after your walk. Address: Zeeweg 12, 2051 EC Overveen, Open from 10 am to 5 pm. (Website).

AWD Visitors Center
The visitor center De Oranjekom of the AWD is located at the entrance Oranjekom / Oase. The address is Eerste Leijweg 6 (Opposite Vogelenzangseweg 21), 2114 BH, Vogelenzang. There are hiking trails, nice tips and a map to obtain. There is also a shop with local products, nice books and natural toys for children. The visitor center is located in a former pumping station, which used to pump the water from the dune to the Leiduin water treatment terrain. You can still see the big pumps. In the floor there is a transparent plate through which you can see the large pipes in the basement.


Walks with Guide
For those who prefer to walk under the supervision of the nature of Zandvoort there are special organized walks with a guide. Together with a guide you go off the hiking trails on a discovery tour through the dunes. More information can be found at the Zandvoort Museum


Walking in Parks and Estates in and around Zandvoort
There are various nature parks and country estates around Zandvoort where you can  walk. Here you walk through wooded areas on the edge of the Dunes. You can often enjoy a beautiful panorama.


Come and walk in Zandvoort
In Zandvoort you can discover enough on foot. Dunes, forest, parks, beautiful flora and fauna, enough to see for a wonderful holiday. Book an accommodation via this site on booking.com and enjoy.

Wandelroutes in Zandvoort

11 km >> Walk through the estates of Groot-Leyduin, Hartekamp and the Overplaats and Groenendaal. The path takes you past several places of interest....

3,9km - Wandelen in Zandvoort Oranjekom is een mooie wandeling die je in een klein uur kan lopen. Geniet van de natuur en de ingenieuze manier waarop het water hier gezuiverd wordt....

1,8km - Korte wandeling die je ideaal kan doen wanneer je aankomt in Zandvoort. In 30 minuten kom je door duinlandschap en bossen en heb je een uitzicht over aangelegde duinmeren en de Kennemerduinen. Ideale begin van je wandelvakantie in Zandvoort. Lees hier meer over deze prachtige wandelroute...