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Worthwhile in the area


Zandvoort is surrounded by many interesting places, which are more than worth a visit. Especially if the beach weather is a bit disappointing, you can have a great time in the sights below. It makes your visit to Zandvoort unforgettable.


De Keukenhof

A visit to Keukenhof Flower Park in Lisse is definitely worth it. It is the largest tulip garden in the world. There are more than 7 million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils to admire. In 2023, the flower garden will be open from Thursday 23 March to Sunday 14 May. The park is located in the middle of the bulb fields and a ride in the area is worthwhile. Due to the crowds, it is best to go by bike. Bicycles are rented. You can also take a boat trip from Keukenhof along the bulb fields. For the children there is the Miffy playground and a fun treasure hunt through the park. They can visit the petting zoo and there is a maze. Address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse. Info:


De Zaanse Schans

At the Zaanse Schans there are authentic houses, windmills and a cheese and dairy farm. Old crafts are also still practiced. National monumental wooden buildings and industrial mills have been moved from the Zaan region and rebuilt. Various cultural history museums and craft shops can also be admired at De Schans. It is the place to enjoy the Zaanse heritage. In short, we go back to the life of the 17th and 18th centuries. Entrance is free. Address: Schansend 7, 1509AW Zaandam. Info:




Volendam is a famous fishing village on the IJsselmeer. There is plenty to do on the dike along the IJsselmeer. There are nice houses and you can have yourself photographed in traditional Volendam costume. In the museums you can learn more about the history of the village. There are many terraces, where you can relax.


Naar Marken

Marken and Volendam can be visited in one day if you take the ferry to Marken. The trip takes only half an hour. When you arrive at the harbor you will see the nice little houses. They are built on a terp, because the island was often flooded. Later the houses were built on stilts. You can wander through the village. You can visit the Klompenmakerij and a visit to the Marker Museum (Kerkbuurt 44-47) will teach you a lot about the traditions of Marken. Just like in Volendam, there are still people in traditional costume. You can walk around the island on the dike (9 kilometers) and view the lighthouse ‘Horse van Marken’.



Haarlem is a pleasant city about 10 kilometers from Zandvoort and easy to reach by bus or train. There are many terraces on the Grote Markt. You will find the Grote or Sint Bavokerk, a late Gothic medieval cruciform basilica. The church houses, among other things, the famous Müller organ, where Mozart once pulled out all the stops as a child, and the grave of Frans Hals. Also on the Grote Markt is the town hall from the fourteenth century, where an exhibition about the history of the city is held in the basement. (open thursday, friday and saturday)

There are many museums for example: the Frans Hals museum, the Teylers museum with art and science. It is the oldest museum in the Netherlands and the Dolhuys museum, where you can discover more about your own mind and that of others in an interactive way.

There are many opportunities to admire the historic buildings and courtyards through city walks. You will also find the golden shopping streets in Haarlem.

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Amsterdam has an infinite amount to offer the visitor. It is the 17th century capital of the Netherlands. It is full of historic buildings, has a picturesque canal belt and has a number of world-class museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. You can take a wonderful cruise through the canals, walk through the many parks and shop in the center. The culinary offer comes from all parts of the world. In short, if the beach weather is a little less, you can have a great time in our capital. The city is easiest to reach by train, as parking fees are on the high side. A useful website for information is:

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