Through the Bollenstreek (along the Keukenhof)

To the flower bulbs and the Keukenhof

We advise you to make this trip in the spring when the bulbs are in bloom. This is just about between Easter to Pentecost but also depends on the weather. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful colors and wonderful smells. We drive through the fields and pass ‘De Keukenhof’.

Bulb cultivation originated in the surroundings of Haarlem in the sixteenth century. Over time the cultivation spread over the spirit grounds. In this way, the current Bollenstreek was created between Haarlem and Leiden in the second half of the 19th century. Nowadays you can also find bulb fields in the north of the province of Noord-Holland and elsewhere in the country, but most bulbs are still found in these regions.

Difficulty: Light bike ride

Length: 38 kilometers

Duration: 2.5 hours

Marking: Cycle route network

Starting point: Raadhuisplein center Zandvoort: bicycle hub 79

Catering: On the road


We start at the Raadhuisplein in the center of Zandvoort at the bicycle hub (79). We go to junction (77) and to junction (83). There we turn right and crossed the Zandvoortselaan. We continue straight ahead on a road that is forbidden for cars and at the end of the road we turn right and immediately left. Now we are back on the route to the junction (72). Then we go to the junctions (76) – (16) – (11) – (48) – (40). Now we are at the Keukenhof. We continue to (28) – (13) – (12) – (17) – (16) – (15) and direction (76). We do not turn right into the forest, but continue straight on the bike path along the Vogelenzangseweg. At the end of this road you go right again and then immediately left onto the bike path. We cross the Zandvoortselaan and continue via the old tram track to Zandvoort. Number (77) and (79).


The Keukenhof

The Keukenhof in Lisse is the largest flower garden in the world with more than seven million flower bulbs that are planted every season. It is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Netherlands, where many foreign tourists come to visit, especially in the month of April. Keukenhof accounts for more than a million visitors annually. On the colorful flower fields around the Keukenhof you can see beautiful blooming spring flowers such as crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and lilies. The 15 kilometer walking paths of the Keukenhof are constructed in such a way that you have a spectacular view of the wonderfully fragrant flower gardens and flowerbeds. During your walk you will see unique, weekly changing flower shows, beautiful ponds and various pavilions with various restaurants and terraces. Children can also have fun in the Keukenhof in the Nijntje playground or with a fun treasure hunt through the flower park. There is also a petting zoo and a nice maze where you get a nice view over the adjacent flower fields as a reward.

In addition to the huge flower garden, Keukenhof also houses the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands. You can admire many images made by national and international artists.