Cycling through Spaarnwoude

Cycling through Spaarnwoude

Spaarnwoude, whose construction started in 1969, is like a green heart between Amsterdam, Haarlem and IJmuiden. It is a recreational area with many water sports facilities. We cycle on quiet cycle paths through forests and water parties interspersed with agricultural areas. We pass the small village of Spaarnwoude with its church on a mound. Often there is an exhibition in the church.

Difficulty: Because of its length a medium-heavy bike ride

Length: 55 kilometers

Duration: 3.5 hours

Marking: cycle route network

Starting point: Raadhuisplein in the center of Zandvoort

Catering: On the road


We start at junction 79 by the Raadhuisplein in the center of Zandvoort. We go to 77 – 37 – 36 – 21 – 1 – 22 – 23 – 24 – 31 – 32 – 33 – 28 – 26 – 29 – 30 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 17 – 11 – 98 – 93 – 94 – 38 – 39 – 34 – 20 – 1 – 21 – 36 – 83 – 77 – 79.

We first cycle past Elswout estate, where you can also walk (Elswout walk Red & walk blue). Then we cycle through Haarlem to the Haarlemmerliede, the birthplace of Cornelie Huygens (writer, social democrat and feminist) and Barend Biesheuvel (former prime minister of the Netherlands).

We cycle through a reclaimed area to the Houtrakpolder. Here you will find the Geuzenbos and the Golfclub. Then we cycle to the North Sea Canal, where we cycle over the bridge and finally enter Spaarnwoude.

Many meadow birds are found in the heart of Spaarnwoude. Thanks to the increased water levels, low fertilization and postponement of the mowing data, there are good opportunities build their nest and hatch their eggs.

After Spaarnwoude we cycle towards Velserbroek and Bloemendaal and slowly return to Zandvoort.




The Stomme Toren (Stupid Tower) of Spaarnwoude

While cycling from the Fietsroute Rondje van Haarlem we passed the striking landmark of Spaarnwoude. This tower dates from the 13th century. The Mayor of Amsterdam during the WWII is buried here and in the wall are two stones of the Sparrewouder giant (one of the largest inhabitants of Spaarnwoude).