Cycle route to the Polderbaan

To the Polderbaan

Aircraft spotters among us pay attention: We cycle right past the start or runways of Schiphol. But on the way for the non-spotters there is also a lot to experience. We can cross twice with a ferry and we cycle through the Haarlemmermeerse Bos. The Haarlemmermeerse forest is a park-like area around a recreational lake. It is the recreation area for the Haarlemmermeer and surroundings and there is plenty to do. There are beaches with play equipment for the youth. You can walk, trim, cycle, swim and surf. In 2002 the Forest got a boost because the Floriade flower exhibition took place here.

Difficulty: light bike ride

Length: 35 kilometers

Duration: 2.5 hours

Marking: Cycle route network

Starting point: Raadhuisplein in the center of Zandvoort

Catering: On the road


At the Town Hall Square at junction 79 we cycle to 77 – 83 – 82 – 81 – 80 – 74. Now direction 53, but instead of turning right at the end, we can cross the ring canal with the pound. On the other side of the ring canal, we turn left and arrive again on the route to 53 and 54. We now cycle through the Haarlemmermeerse Bos. We continue to 55 and at 51 we cycle along the polder track. Continue to 50 – 89 – 84 – 35 – 82 – 83 – 77 – and back to the center of Zandvoort 79.


The polder track

The Haarlemmermeerse Bos is very suitable for walking. There are a number of beautiful paths to discover, for example the tree path. The tree path is three kilometers long and runs along (un) ordinary trees in Haarlemmermeer. The path, which is partly unpaved, runs along many common tree and shrub species in the Haarlemmermeerse forest. The route leads you through a total of 67 different trees and shrubs and starts behind the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer.