Around Haarlem

Cycle route through the Haarlem neighborhood communities

The route takes you along the most beautiful spots around Haarlem. The route is mostly about cycle paths, but there are also forest paths and sand paths. You come through different landscapes, parks and forests. You cycle a section along the ringvaart, past ponds and the lake Mooie Nel at Spaarndam. Spaarndam is a picturesque village just like Spaarnwoude with its church with a blunt tower. (Often there are exhibits that are free to visit)

Difficulty: Because of its length it is a medium-heavy bike ride

Length: 59 kilometers

Duration: 4 hours

Marking: green signs with yellow arrow

Starting point: Raadhuisplein Zandvoort bicycle hub 79

Catering: On the road



We start at bicycle hub 79 at the Raadhuisplein in Zandvoort. We go to the following junctions: 77 – 83. At 83 we turn right, cross the Zandvoortselaan and continue straight on the bike path. We now come on the route and follow the green signs with yellow arrow from here.

If you lose your way, you can follow the following bicycle hub: 82 – 72 – 76 – 67 – 87 – 56 – 52 – 53 – 88 – 50 – 87 – 33 – 32 – 31 – 10 – 91 – 15 – 16 – 35 – 38 – 09 – 34 – 07 – 99 – 21 – 35 – 82.

At bicycle hub 83, we now return to 77 and then 79 to Zandvoort.

Door zijn lengte is het aanbevolen de route in tweeën te knippen. Via het routeknooppunten netwerk kunt u eenvoudig naar en van Zandvoort terugkeren.

Bij Heemstede komt u een ooievaarsnest tegen en bij de Liede fiets u door een lepelaarskolonie.

Around Haarlem

The cycling route ‘Rondje Haarlem’ was an initiative of the Haarlems Dagblad and the Noord-Hollands Landschap. The route does every beautiful spot of the surroundings of Haarlem in about 50 kilometers (from Zandvoort 9 kilometers extra bikes). The variety between tarmac, forest and sand paths makes this triptych very varied.


In the breeding season a cycle path has been closed, to give the birds rest. You can then take an alternative sand path.