Evenementen Zandvoort Circuit Run

Zandvoort Circuit Run – 26 marsch 2023

Zandvoort Circuit Run 26 marsch 2023


The Circuit Run in Zandvoort is a fantastic event for runners and spectators alike. The course starts from the pit lane on the Zandvoort circuit. All distances first run a full lap around the circuit. Then the course goes towards the beach, the dunes and the village. The finish of all distances is again at Circuit Zandvoort.

The atmosphere during the circuit run is always positive and fun. Music stages have been set up on the course where live bands perform, providing extra motivation and energy for the participants. There are also several stalls where visitors can go for a snack and a drink. The Circuit Run is very varied.

There is also plenty to do for spectators during the Circuit Run. There is a special spectator area where you can enjoy the circuit and the runners. There is also a large screen on which the race can be followed.

In general, the Circuit Run in Zandvoort is a great event where running and fun go hand in hand. The main distance and race is 12 kilometers. In addition, you can choose the 10 English miles (16.1 km) or the 4 kilometers (only on the circuit). There is a special round for the children.

There is a charity linked to the running competition. This year it is Villa Joep, the foundation that conducts scientific research into neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is cancer of the precursor cells of the involuntary nervous system. Most children who get it are under 4 years old. The tumor is most common in the adrenal medulla in the abdomen, and sometimes in the thoracic cavity, pelvis, or neck. During your registration you can make a voluntary contribution to this foundation.

Staying in Zandvoort

For those who have to come from far away, there are of course possibilities to spend the night in Zandvoort. You can read more about the different accommodations here: Accommodation in Zandvoort or view the 5 best hotels in Zandvoort here. Or stay a few extra days and enjoy beautiful walks in Zandvoort.


You can register for the Zandoort Circuit Run here: www.zandvoortcircuitrun.nl