Historic Grand Prix 21, 22 and 23 june 2024

The Historical Grand Prix is the most important historical event in the Netherlands. Many motorsport enthusiasts come to Zandvoort and make it a fun weekend. They bring their family, friends and colleagues with them, because many other activities are organized during this weekend outside of the racing event. On Saturday evening, the famous parade with antique racing cars takes place. After the parade, the floats are parked in the village and everyone can admire them up close and take selfies. At the same time, concerts are given by different bands on different stages.

On the track, the classic F2 and F3 cars from the 1960s-1970s and GT cars from 1990 to 2015 race against each other. Enjoy the roaring engines and let yourself be transported back to the past. The complete program can be found at: https://historicgrandprix.nl/programma/

The first Grand Prix race was held on August 7, 1948. The winner of this event was Prince Bira of Siam in a Maserati. This race was not yet part of the Grand Prix circus. The first Grand Prix dates from 1952 and was driven thirty times. This was followed by the Zandvoort Masters of F3. In the meantime, racing became increasingly popular and the Grand Prix returned to Zandvoort in 2021.

Staying in Zandvoort

For those who have to come from far away, there are of course possibilities to spend the night in Zandvoort. You can read more about the different accommodations here: Staying in Zandvoort or view the 5 best hotels in Zandvoort here. Or stay a few extra days and enjoy beautiful walks in Zandvoort.

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